August 8, 2008

Premonition strikes!

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It is known that I am using this blog as therapy. For a while I thought that I will never need it. Of course, I was wrong.

Couple of days ago I was dreaming myself wearing  a bride’s dress. I was telling at that time that usually this means bad luck. And indeed it was bad luck came as a very, very bad news about someone I grow up with. She left this world forever and I am pretty sad that during her life I wasn’t been able to forgive her.

About the ones that passed, one should only speak nice. At least this is what the elders are teaching us in our culture. I forgive her today for ignoring me all this years. I forgive her today for not being capable to distinguish between right or wrong. I forgive her today for the hate I never deserved.

Rest in peace, darling, may the angels watch over you up there!

By the way, if you meet the persons we both know, tell them I said „Hi” and give them some hugs from me!


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