August 6, 2008

About her

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This post was supposed to be about a total different subject. But my mind keeps turning to her. It is probably because I recently saw the place where I saw her last. There is no trace of her there anymore…and also no trace of that event. I suppose this days somehow I thought about her more than I was expecting. Not because I ever forgot her. This will never happen, not until the day I die. And maybe that day, I will finally meet her again and I will tell her how much I missed her and how terribly sorry I am that she left me so soon…

Somehow, every time I see that place  I can’t avoid remembering her. It makes me feel better to think to her and if I try a little harder I almost manage to hear her voice. It was the warmest voice I ever hard and I truly believe that in this life she was the one that loved me the most.

I miss everything about her, the voice, the look, her gestures…I simply miss her presence because it made me feel so safe. I miss her stories. Most of them were probably invented even if she pretended that they were true. At that time I was simply accepting this and I was just listening because I was just happy. I don’t remember, after that, more happier times.

When the phone rang I sort of had a bad feeling. Nothing was anticipating how bad that day will be. I was hearing the voice of the person that responded the call and somehow I knew exactly what is it about and that I lost her… I didn’t knew though that she will take a way the happier part of my life.

I only saw her once after that call. But she didn’t smile and her eyes were not able anymore to look at me, filled with so much love and care. And for three entire days I wasn’t myself. I didn’t realise what is happening and that I am not going to see her again.

I don’t know why, after so much time, she come into my mind and my thoughts but I received her with so much joy because I remembered a story from my childhood that was telling the people which left there are coming to life every time we think about them.

I really, really love you and I’ll never forgot you. I just felt the need to write this down for eternity.

In my heart you will live for ever…


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  1. frumos…

    Comentariu de samurai — August 7, 2008 @ 2:53 pm |Răspunde

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